Wednesday, May 11, 2011

scars and bullet proof cars

            Zayneb, Mohammed, and I spent the first afternoon in Basra staring out of large windows at the devastated view around us. Unsure of how to leave the hotel without being a target, we entertained ourselves at the hotel.  Later that evening, our bodyguards picked us up to take us to dinner at my father’s friend’s house (note: in Baghdad, we definitely don't have bodyguards. Nor do we stay at fancy hotels. Funny enough, I am ridiculed by my family for dressing too simply and not wearing gold). 
            Upon meeting Amu, we understood why all of the precautionary measures had been taken.  One of the first victims of kidnapping for ransom, Basra had proven to be unsafe at times.  Since the inception of the war in ’03, when he was kidnapped, he and his kids have always had body guards.  
            Immediately, one of my favorite Fight Club quotes flashed through my head. At the moment, I began to question the quote's attractiveness, all things considered. "I just don't want to die without a few scars." Nah, Palahniuk--Lools ain't feelin' so adventurous today.

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