Thursday, April 7, 2011

well, today took an unexpected turn...

Never in my life did I think I'd see eye to eye with Miley Cyrus, but here I am driving my cherry scented car to LAX and I can’t be tamed. In between jobs and with time to spare, 20 hours ago I purchased a ticket to Dubai. Next stop: Baghdad. Reckless? Minorly. Elated? Majorly. 
  I recalled a conversation that I had previously had with my dad, "Baba, I wanna go to Baghdad." My dad tongue-in-cheekily replied while referring to my current internship, "Isn't NASA going to Mars? That's not thrilling enough?" making light of my sense of adventure that likely terrifies him. 
  "They won't send me on that spaceship, they got me confined to Earth!"  
   Guess who’s back. Yes, it’s me—you may remember me from memoirs of war and design 18 long months ago. Inform the newsfeeds and news stands.

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