Monday, August 3, 2009

eero saarinen meets baghdad?

I fell in love with this mosque. So much love that I had my uncle stop the car in the middle of traffic to run into it, talk to more military officials into allowing me to take pictures within the mosque's gates. Outside of the mosque is a military office, which allows for renovation according to one officer. Again, the officers were incredibly polite--immediately removing the initial fear I always have when approaching somebody with enough power to get me killed for believing that I am a journalist.

Nonetheless, I love this mosque because it is so representative of Iraq's interest in Modern architecture during the prime of the movement. I want to assume that this was built around the same time that Gropius was designing the University of Baghdad, but I cannot say that for certain. The architect looks like a huge Saarinen fan (non-architects, Google image TWA at JFK--my favorite work of American architecture). I will find a name for this mosque and research it, and hopefully be able to update this post.

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